Infinity towers for urban development

Creating Landmarks

Embarking on a transformative journey in Egypt's New Administrative Capital, Infinity Towers for Urban Development takes immense pride in unveiling its latest marvel - Infinity Tower. Nestled within the prestigious Central Business District, this architectural gem offers a vantage point for unparalleled views.
At Infinity Tower, we embrace the fusion of art and science, weaving together ingenuity and sustainability to craft distinctive, economically viable, and functional solutions. Our seasoned team of experts is committed to translating visionary concepts into tangible realities, all while upholding unwavering standards of functionality and environmental consciousness.

Infinity Tower


Whether you are a discerning business professional in pursuit of a flagship headquarters, an astute investor seeking a lucrative venture, or a discerning resident in quest of luxurious living, Infinity Tower caters to diverse aspirations. Boasting state-of-the-art amenities, cutting-edge technology, and an enviable locale, Infinity Tower stands as the epitome of forward-looking investment in the future of Egypt's Capital City.

Infinity Tower

Project Completion

Backed by years of experience in the design and construction of high-rise buildings, Infinity tower is ahead of its construction schedule.

Estimated delivery date: 2024

Current Project Status

0 %

Infinity Tower

Construction Progress

The Infinity Tower project is currently ahead of the initial projected schedule, standing at over 160 m high.

Current Project Status: 70% complete
Estimated delivery date: 2024

Infinity Tower

Column-free Office Spaces and Smart Design

Ascending to a majestic height of 210 meters, Infinity Tower stands as a beacon of architectural splendor. Featuring over 100 column-free office spaces ranging from 118 to 1,560 square meters, the tower caters to businesses of all scales. Complementing these offices are 20 commercial spaces, thoughtfully crafted to accommodate diverse industries, tenants and office visitors.

The floor plans were designed with flexibility in mind to ensure that future occupants can create the office that best suits their needs. Additionally, with a ceiling height of 4.5 meters, Infinity Tower meets the highest Class-A office standards that allow for all types of raised floors and false ceilings.

Infinity Tower

Premium Facilities and Amenities

Infinity Tower ensures seamless connectivity throughout its premises with 16 high-speed elevators and 5 subterranean levels of parking that offer charging stations, providing space for more than 800 vehicles and ensuring unparalleled convenience for tenants and clients alike.

The building’s high-quality standard finishes, state-of-the art systems and exceptional accessibility features are instantly recognizable and offer comfort, safety, and luxury. Occupants will have access to the One Stop Mobile App that offers an integrated user experience that supports, monitors, and controls their space.

Infinity Tower


Infinity Tower stands at the heart of the dynamic landscape of the New Administrative Capital’s Central Business District. Surrounded by prominent areas, prestigious projects, and emerging destinations, the tower stands as a testament to architectural innovation and strategic foresight. It effortlessly embodies the essence of connectivity and centrality within this burgeoning metropolis.

The Central Business District (CBD) epitomizes the pinnacle of urban and real estate development within the New Administrative Capital and the country. Positioned at the center of the New Administrative Capital, nestled between the northern and southern axes of Mohamed Ben-Zayed, it serves as a beacon of modernity and progress.

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