The Developer

Harnessing the boundless expertise and visionary leadership of its Founder and Managing Director, Dr. Assaad Salama, Infinity Towers for Urban Development has emerged as Egypt's unparalleled maestro of architectural excellence. With a distinguished legacy spanning four decades, in cities such as Dubai, Riyadh, Jeddah, and Doha, we have established ourselves as the foremost authority in high-rise development.

Our fervor lies in crafting awe-inspiring structures that transcend the commonplace, reshaping skylines with a touch of grandeur. As we embark on this remarkable journey, Infinity Towers for Urban Development stands poised to lead as a trailblazing entity, embodying excellence and foresight in the realm of real estate.

Who We Are

Leveraging on the extensive knowledge and experience of its founder and managing director, Dr. Assaad Salama, with 40 years of structural design and consultancy experience across Egypt, Dubai, Riyadh, Jeddah, and Doha, Infinity Towers for Urban Development envisions itself to be the national leading real estate developer in its field of expertise of high-rise buildings in Egypt.

Salama Structural Engineers (SSE), the group’s lead consultancy arm, was established in 1987 in Cairo, Egypt. SSE is a professional structural design and consultancy firm working with the mission of providing engineering services in various market segments. This includes industrial, retail, residential, governmental, educational, hospitality, health care and development services. SSE’s primary objective is to provide clients with solutions through its professional consultants in various areas of expertise, including but not limited to high-rise buildings design, mega steel structure projects and seismic design, as well as turnkey project implementation with full project management.


Years of construction experience in Egypt, Dubai, Riyadh, Jeddah and Doha

The Developer

Salama Structural Engineers is the lead consultant for Infinity Towers.

SSE was established in 1987 in Cairo, Egypt. It is a professional engineering consulting firm working with the mission to provide engineering services in several specific market segments including industrial, retail, residential, governmental, educational, hospitality, health care and development services.

Salama Structural Engeneering's primary objective is to deliver solutions to clients through its professional consultants in various areas of expertise. SSE has two main areas of expertise: design of super tall buildings and mega structural steel project. The second area of expertise is seismic design. Nevertheless these activities were extended to include turnkey projects implementation with full project management.

Assaad Salama PHD, founder and director of SSE, started operations with few employees. The firm now proudly has over 150 employees including 65 structural engineers, over 30 architects and MEP specialists.


To Facilitate You, We Go to Infinity and Beyond

After the period of excavation, two concrete cores were laid out by the Salama Structural Engineers, which utilized Grade 690 MPA for steel and Grade 110 MPA for concrete. After that, the structure goes up to about 47 meters.

Along with this height, there are no slabs or horizontal supporting objects with the purpose of starting the first, second, and third general levels at levels (+30.00), (34.50), and (39.00) accordingly. With respect to Dr. Salama’s statement, a commercial area will be constructed that will be a boutique mall, just like the boutique mall at Emirates Tower.

Dr. Salama also revealed that the final structure of the Infinity Tower project would be completed before the middle of the year 2024. The total height of the structure will be 200 meters, making it the highest office building in Africa and the second tallest in Egypt, after the Iconic Tower, which is 370 meters high. The Infinity Tower will consist of only office spaces and a small boutique mall at the ending stage.


We Are an Icon of Innovation

The Egyptian government is in line with the Infinity Tower to enhance the country’s infrastructure. Not only this, it is a distinctive, state-of-the-art design that will give a new perspective to the country.

Infinity Tower provides multitudes of facilities ranging from a car showroom to a spa, a bank, convenience stores, department stores, even a nursery, a pharmacy, restaurants, cafes. You name it, and we have it at Infinity towers!

This will transform the local construction market into a modern construction technology. Meet a new era of design, which has quite expertly combined art with science.

Wait and see! The example of living art!

Just like the Burj Khalifa transformed the UAE construction industry completely, Infinity Towers will transform the Egyptian and African local construction industry.

This is a forty storey building which includes offices and shops. It is built on a 1,560 square meter floor plate. The floor plan is open and column-less. The height of the floor ceiling is 4.5 meters slab to slab.

We didn’t stop here! Our passion for serving you leads us to provide everything unique and elegant. We have provided 800 parking slots in fine levels of underground parking. There are a total of fourteen modern and high speed elevators along with two emergency elevators for fire.

Through this project, we have brought the proficiency of superior consultants experienced in the construction of tall towers in Egypt.

Infinity Towers will become the new emblem of zestful Egypt!


About the Founder

Dr. Assaad Salama, the esteemed Founder and Managing Director of Infinity Towers for Urban Development, embodies a wealth of knowledge and expertise within the realm of high-rise buildings. Graduating with distinction, he earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Ain-Shams University’s Faculty of Engineering in 1982, followed by a Master of Science degree from the same institution in 1990. Dr. Salama further enriched his academic journey by obtaining a Ph.D. in Earthquake Engineering from Imperial College, University of London, in 1993.

His scholarly pursuits extend beyond academia, where he has left an indelible mark as an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Engineering, Shoubra University. Here, he passionately imparted his insights into earthquake-resistant design, engineering seismology, and reinforced concrete design, contributing significantly to the advancement of structural engineering education. Dr. Salama’s multifaceted expertise and dedication continue to illuminate the path towards innovative and resilient architectural solutions, shaping skylines and communities with his visionary leadership.


Salama Structural Engineers (SSE)

Salama Structural Engineers (SSE), established in Cairo in 1987, is the consultancy arm for Infinity Towers, specializing in structural design across various sectors. With over 150 staff members, including 65 engineers and 30 specialists, SSE offers tailored solutions for industrial, retail, residential, and governmental projects. The team excels in high-rise building design, steel structures, seismic design, and turnkey projects. Committed to excellence, SSE delivers innovative solutions and surpasses standards, earning trust in the industry. With a focus on client satisfaction and professional service, SSE sets new benchmarks for engineering excellence, cementing its position as a leader in the field.


Chairman's Message

For the past eighteen transformative years of my professional journey in Dubai, I have been immersed in a realm of unparalleled experiences. Each endeavor has been a testament to boundless creativity and intricate design, harnessing the finest construction tools available. With an active role in shaping over 100 towers in Dubai, along with 10 notable structures in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and an additional 20 in Doha, I proudly embark on my 131st project, the extraordinary Infinity Tower, standing as the first of its kind in Egypt. Merging my profound expertise from 130 past triumphs, this endeavor promises to be unlike any other—a symphony of architectural mastery and visionary artistry.

With an unwavering commitment to precision and an uncompromising dedication to impeccable design, I have meticulously crafted every facet of Infinity Tower. From the selection of materials to the implementation of cutting-edge methodologies, we guarantee a Class-A office building that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Beyond its commanding position, offering breathtaking vistas of Egypt’s New Administrative Capital, Infinity Tower stands as a testament to the enduring elegance of Cairo’s architectural marvels. The majestic silhouette of the Iconic Tower, a mere 300 meters distant, imbues the panoramic landscape surrounding Infinity Tower with an irresistible charm.

Experience the seamless blend of artistry and functionality, leaving an indelible mark on Cairo’s skyline.

Dr. Assaad Salama

The Managing Director of the Salama Structural Engineers


Infinity Towers Envisage the Dynamic, New, and Flourishing Egypt

We believe in taking our beloved land to new heights of progress and prosperity. For this, we want to play the best of our role by facilitating our nation as well as introducing new technologies in the country. We are sure that the completion of Infinity towers will open new doors of opportunities along with attracting foreign traders to invest here.

We aim to provide our customers with excellent value. Our mission is to provide such excellent quality projects that we become your number one choice. Not only that, we aim to fulfill value added projects right on time. We provide the perfect level of service regarding construction and intricate craftsmanship in every project that we take on.

Our mission is to inculcate creative, state of the art technology in our designs, which are not only eye catching but cost effective as well. We are also considerate of any environmental hazards caused by our actions.

By the end of the project, we foresee a happy nation, living in a prosperous and developed Egypt.


A Declaration of Egypt’s Strength and Unflagging Enthusiasm

Infinity Towers’ corporate strategy reduces cost in the long run. An estimated 30% reduction in expenses is predicted due to high grade steel and strong concrete, which saves the cost of re-barring. The high-grade steel, up till now, has been produced at the length of twelve meters. After a special order, we came up with eighteen meter steel rebars.

The eighteen meter cage is taken and erected on the ground, assembly by assembly, instead of bar by bar, which was presumably the former strategy. Doing this will truly save both time and money. What makes this kind of cage the most unique of its kind is the length at which it is prearranged and erected in the ground. The steel and concrete used to make these construction aspects are the first to be recorded in the history of cages.

The concrete quality had to be the absolute best in order to suit the high-grade steel. That is why we thought it best to use Grade 110 MPA, which is a super high strength concrete perfectly suited to the quality of our re-bars. However, when it comes to the cost of these high grade and quality concrete and steel, an indefinite loss of two percent would most definitely lead to a net saving of more than thirty percent.