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Success is never a solitary journey but a collaborative effort, a symphony of talents and ideas harmonizing towards a common goal. It’s the culmination of shared vision, mutual support, and collective determination. Each participant brings their unique strengths, enriching the endeavor with diverse perspectives and skills. Our success is a testament to the power of collaboration with all of our partners.

Salama Structural Engineers (SSE) – Lead Consultant

Salama Structural Engineers (SSE), a premier firm in structural engineering, boasts a global reputation for excellence. Specializing in diverse projects like high-rise buildings, commercial complexes, and bridges, SSE’s innovative solutions and attention to detail ensure top-notch safety and quality standards. Acting as the lead consultant for Infinity Tower, SSE’s expertise played a pivotal role in its successful development. Their guidance and technical proficiency ensured structural integrity, surpassing industry standards. SSE’s contributions were vital in realizing Infinity Tower’s vision, establishing it as a secure and remarkable structure, a testament to SSE’s dedication and expertise.


NORR – Architect

NORR Group, a globally recognized architecture and engineering firm established in 1938, offers a wide array of services across sectors like commercial, residential, and healthcare. Known for iconic projects like the Burj Khalifa, NORR played a pivotal role in Infinity Tower’s development. Their expertise in architecture, engineering, and interior planning ensured a striking and functional structure, tailored to meet the project’s highest quality standards and unique aspirations.

Cracknell – Landscape Consultant

Cracknell, a renowned landscape consultant with decades of experience, is esteemed for their ability to craft exceptional outdoor spaces worldwide. Specializing in seamlessly integrating landscapes with their surroundings, Cracknell’s designs are celebrated for their aesthetic appeal and sustainability. Their role in the Infinity Tower project encompassed designing outdoor amenities and green spaces. By prioritizing user experience and environmental factors, Cracknell ensured a visually pleasing and inviting outdoor environment for both tenants and visitors.

Lerxh bates

Lerch Bates – Vertical Transportation

Lerch Bates, a renowned global consulting firm with over seven decades of experience, specializes in vertical transportation, façade access, and logistics solutions. Trusted across various sectors, Lerch Bates played a crucial role in determining the inclusion of 16 elevators in Infinity Tower. Their expert analysis ensured these elevators would effectively meet anticipated traffic demands, enhancing user experience by minimizing waiting times. Guided by their expertise in elevator capacity and distribution, Lerch Bates contributed to designing a reliable and efficient vertical transportation system, exemplifying their commitment to optimizing mobility solutions for Infinity Tower’s occupants.

Zaki Hashem & Partners – Legal Consultants

Zaki Hashem & Partners, a distinguished law firm renowned for legal excellence, offers a wide array of services across corporate law, commercial transactions, and dispute resolution. Entrusted as legal consultants for Infinity Tower, their experienced team specializes in real estate and construction law, providing invaluable guidance throughout the development process. With a rich history and strong reputation, Zaki Hashem & Partners brings extensive expertise to ensure meticulous attention to all legal aspects of the project.

Savills Egypt – Property & Facility Management

Savills Egypt, part of the global Savills network, is a leading real estate services provider in Egypt. Offering comprehensive services, such as property management, leasing, and marketing, they navigate the local market with expertise and commitment to client satisfaction. Entrusted with managing Infinity Tower, their dedicated team oversees day-to-day operations, maintenance, tenant services, and financial management. Focused on delivering exceptional service and maximizing property value, Savills Egypt ensures a smooth operation, providing tenants with a high-quality experience while preserving the building’s integrity.

AESG – Sustainability Consultant

AESG is a global leader in sustainability, environmental, and energy consultancy, offering a wide range of services across various sectors, including energy modeling, green building certification, and waste management. Actively supporting Infinity Tower’s pursuit of platinum LEED certification, AESG collaborates closely with the project team to develop strategies optimizing energy efficiency, water conservation, and indoor air quality. Leveraging their expertise in green building practices, AESG ensures that Infinity Tower meets the strict criteria for achieving the highest level of LEED certification. This collaboration exemplifies their commitment to creating a sustainable and environmentally responsible landmark.
MAK Engineering Consultancy – Parking Design and Project Coordination

Design Confidence – Fire & Life Safety

Design Confidence offers expert building regulatory and engineering services globally, specializing in guiding projects from concept to completion. With offices in Sydney, Australia, and Dubai, U.A.E., they combine global reach with local experience. Serving as the fire and life safety consultant for Infinity Tower, Design Confidence ensured the highest safety standards. Their expertise in fire protection and safety measures provided comprehensive guidance on prevention, detection, and suppression systems, meeting and exceeding all regulatory requirements.

PWC – Financial Consultant

PwC, a trusted global advisor, offers comprehensive professional services in over 150 countries, including assurance, tax advisory, consulting, and deals. Their expertise in financial and strategic advisory services has been instrumental in providing valuable insights and guidance for optimizing financial performance during the development of Infinity Tower.


Success Partners