Corporate Strategy


A Declaration of Egypt’s Strength and Unflagging Enthusiasm

Infinity Towers’ corporate strategy reduces cost in the long run. An estimated 30% reduction in expenses is predicted due to high grade steel and strong concrete, which saves the cost of re-barring. The high-grade steel, up till now, has been produced at the length of twelve meters. After a special order, we came up with eighteen meter steel rebars.

The eighteen meter cage is taken and erected on the ground, assembly by assembly, instead of bar by bar, which was presumably the former strategy. Doing this will truly save both time and money. What makes this kind of cage the most unique of its kind is the length at which it is prearranged and erected in the ground. The steel and concrete used to make these construction aspects are the first to be recorded in the history of cages.

The concrete quality had to be the absolute best in order to suit the high-grade steel. That is why we thought it best to use Grade 110 MPA, which is a super high strength concrete perfectly suited to the quality of our re-bars. However, when it comes to the cost of these high grade and quality concrete and steel, an indefinite loss of two percent would most definitely lead to a net saving of more than thirty percent.