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Experience a Paradigm Shift in Construction Methodology!

Infinity Tower is a one of its kind project that contributes to a paradigm shift in construction Methodology. The Managing Director, Dr. Assaad Salama of the Salama Structural Engineers, amazes us at the length of innovation that Cairo's infinity tower has reached.

The world will see the height of innovation under the banner of Infinity Towers!

The project is receiving 38 years worth of experience from Salama Structural Engineers, which is beneficial for the project construction methodology in every aspect.

The project surpasses any construction methodology used not only in Cairo, but in the entire Middle East.

The project has a completely unique approach to construction methodology that accounts for higher efficiency, quality, creativity, and distinctiveness

State-of-the-Art Innovative Strategies

One specific highlight of the project is its extensive use of high level steel, which is not used for construction purposes anywhere on the face of this planet.

The Infinity Towers have introduced some state-of-the-art innovative strategies, which are new for the Middle East and Africa. The high-grade steel is approved by certified The American Building Code for Structural Concrete.

The innovations are developed for improving the acquired quality so that in the long run, Infinity Tower will eventually benefit. Along with high quality steel, the concrete used will also undergo quality inspections, which will ensure that the best quality concrete with super high strength is used. The top notch quality of this high strength concrete is used at Grade 110 MPA.

The project has a completely unique approach to construction methodology that accounts for higher efficiency, quality, creativity, and distinctiveness.



Meters High



100 %

Fresh Air


Parking Slots

1560 m2

Floor Area


Central Business District Location

Infinity Tower is located in the Central Business District (CBD), Plot No.: 4 – Northern Mohamed Ben-Zayed Axis.

Central Business District is located in the New Administrative Capital and considered an architectural revolution and a major cultural transfer for Egypt.

CBD has a central business area designed to reflect the urban and real estate development in the country. It is located in the heart of the new capital between the
northern and southern axes of Mohamed Ben-Zayed.

Unique Location of Infinity Tower in the CBD

With its wide open views, magnificent height, and perfect design, Infinity Tower is ideally located overlooking the New Administrative Capital’s landmark Iconic Tower which stands only 300m away.

Major Surrounding Areas

The Central Business District is strategically located in the center of the New Administrative Capital, surrounded with all the major areas, projects, destinations and developments.

Infinity Tower is directly lying on “Northern Ben-Zayed Axis”, the most important axis linking all the New Capital destinations together.

It is 20 km away from the Capital International Airport, 28 km from the AUC New Cairo, 60 km from Tahrir Square and 15 km from Madinaty. Also, Infinity Tower is 70 km away from Giza Pyramids, 45 km from Cairo International Airport, 30 km from Sherouk City and 96 km away from Ain Sokhna.

A More Economical Design

With a progressive and innovative construction strategy, the project is designed economically by allowing 4 cars to be parked at 10.5 m by 10.5 m, which is more than the standard parking of Dubai at 8.5m by 8.5m.

At Infinity Towers, you will experience what you haven’t ever dreamt of!

This economical progress was made possible due to the usage of high-quality steel along with super strength concrete. The top-notch material allows the project to go longer and thinner and thus be more economical so that the project can be utilized to its full capacity with a lack of wastefulness.

Quality and expertise is what we have used to stand out!


We Hold Hands with the Most Trustworthy Names

This epitome of elegance has recently become the first private project to earn the construction license from the Egyptian Ministry of Local Development.

The success partners of the project are those who have already applied the innovative constructional methodologies at the following sites:

  • MBR (Mohammed Bin Rashid Library)
  • Dubai Municipality
  • Prince Abdullah Al Faisal Stadium, Jeddah

The managing director Dr. Salama, of Salama engineering, said that his company was responsible for the structure, construction, and peer review.

We believe in growing strong together, so we build the bonds that last!

Success Partners