Infinity Towers Proudly Announced To Be the First Private Project to Receive Construction License

Cairo’s Infinity Towers have witnessed pushing the limits of innovation in the construction sector. High-quality construction material and innovative technology used in the construction of these magnificent towers have got many heads turned. But this is not all. This epitome of elegance has recently become the first private project to earn the construction license from the Egyptian Ministry of Local Development.

Earning This Honor Wasn’t a Piece of Cake

As we all know that Egypt has a very strict set of rules for the issuance of construction licenses after the removal of the recent six months ban imposed by The Ministry of Local Development, last year in the month of May, receiving a construction license is a jewel added in the crown for the Infinity Tower. These rules include the submission of various certificates and consent forms to ensure the reliability, authenticity, and quality of construction. These documents include tax certificates, consent forms from the owners of neighboring buildings to ensure that the land under construction is not disputed, and an approval certificate from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. This policy is made to clamp down on all illegal constructions and to stop building code violations.

If a company manages to obtain a construction license after going through all the legal requirements, it is evident that there is no illegal occupation of the land as well as the ongoing construction is in trustworthy hands. Infinity Towers, being the first private project to receive this honor, proves that they are far ahead of their competitors in the construction sector.

What Makes Infinity Tower One of a Kind Project?

According to Dr. Assaad Salama, the managing director of Salama Structural Engineers, the team has applied the best of their 38 years of experience in the construction of Infinity Towers. Referring to the architects of the project, NORR Group of Dubai, the company that designed the Emirates Towers in Dubai, he added that Infinity Towers would come out to be the best design in Cairo.

The building is an elegant amalgam of technological advancements and a professionally designed structure that has saved both money and time required for the construction. Infinity Towers – currently, the second tallest building in Egypt and Africa is all set to beat its counterpart, the Iconic Tower, by the year 2024 with a budget of $108 million, which is surprisingly low for this level of construction and material.

The tower is located at an ideal location at a distance of only 300 meters from the Iconic Tower and provides a wide-open view. The building offers Class A office specifications, luxury, and facilities that have never been offered in Egypt before.

Magnificent Future for the Construction Industry

The construction industry has high hopes associated with the completion of Infinity Towers to bring a revolution in the field of construction, just like Burj Khalifa and Emirates South Tower brought in the UAE construction industry. We have been listening and reading about the innovations being introduced in the construction of Infinity Towers, but the approval of a construction license has proved that the reliability and development of the project are unmatchable, and it will open doors to a magnificent bundle of opportunities for the residents of Egypt.