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    Fresh Air


    Parking Slots

    1560 m2

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    Project Facts

    We Hold Pride in Being the Most Distinctive in the World

    Infinity Tower is an amazing project, which prides itself in being the most distinctive project in the world. Here is how Infinity Tower is going to amaze the world:

    40 Years of construction experience in Egypt, Dubai, Riyadh, Jeddah and Doha

    Rent Only Commercial Strategy

    Infinity Tower will be the first project in the New Administrative Capital to lease the commercial space, hence maintaining the building’s image.

    When It Comes to Advancements, We Know No Limits

    At Infinity Towers, we welcome you to meet the new horizon of advancements. Once this Tower is finished, it will no doubt be one of the best designs in Cairo.
    Rennovate Rooms

    The tallest office building in Egypt and Africa

    Rennovate Rooms

    Five storey underground parking

    Rennovate Rooms

    The construction strategy of top-down construction

    Rennovate Rooms

    10 High Speed + 4 Podium + 2 Fire elevators

    Rennovate Rooms

    100% Fresh Air in the central air conditioning systems

    Rennovate Rooms

    The highest Class-A office standards for ceiling height

    Rennovate Rooms

    1st LEED certified building in New Administrative Capital

    Rennovate Rooms

    Rent Only Commercial Strategy

    Tower 1

    To Facilitate You, We Go to Infinity and Beyond

    After the period of excavation, two concrete cores were laid out by the Salama Structural Engineers, which utilized Grade 690 MPA for steel and Grade 110 MPA for concrete. After that, the structure goes up to about 47 meters.

    Along with this height, there are no slabs or horizontal supporting objects with the purpose of starting the first, second, and third general levels at levels (+30.00), (34.50), and (39.00) accordingly. With respect to Dr. Salama’s statement, a commercial area will be constructed that will be a boutique mall, just like the boutique mall at Emirates Tower.

    Dr. Salama also revealed that the final structure of the Infinity Tower project would be completed before the middle of the year 2024. The total height of the structure will be 200 meters, making it the highest office building in Africa and the second tallest in Egypt, after the Iconic Tower, which is 370 meters high. The Infinity Tower will consist of only office spaces and a small boutique mall at the ending stage.

    Unique Location of Infinity Tower in the CBD


    Infinity Towers for Urban Developments

    The national leading real estate developer in its field of expertise of high rise buildings in Egypt. Infinity Tower is a result of 40 years of combined construction experience in leading the construction of 125 skyscrapers in the gulf region.


    We Are an Icon of Innovation

    The Egyptian government is in line with the Infinity Tower to enhance the country’s infrastructure. Not only this, it is a distinctive, state-of-the-art design that will give a new perspective to the country.

    This will transform the local construction market into a modern construction technology. Meet a new era of design, which has quite expertly combined art with science.

    Just like the Burj Khalifa transformed the UAE construction industry completely, Infinity Towers will transform the Egyptian and African local construction industry.

    Through this project, we have brought the proficiency of superior consultants experienced in the construction of tall towers in Egypt.

    Infinity Towers will become the new emblem of zestful Egypt!
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    Years of construction experience in Egypt, Dubai, Riyadh, Jeddah and Doha