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City Scape 2021

CityScape Exhibition Dubai 2021

November 09th – 11th, 2021

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    Fresh Air


    Parking Slots

    1560 m2

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    The venue of CityScape is the modern Exhibition center of Dubai, which is only 300 meters away from the Expo 2020 site. The location is conveniently reachable by road. Even public transport is easily available. This ideal location has been selected to engage a broader audience on an international level.

    Come and experience a paradigm shift in construction methodology with Infinity Tower Project!

    Infinity Towers at the CityScape International Event 2021

    The world’s leading architects have been eager participants in the Global CityScape for years. Similarly, this year too, the company will keep up with its legacy of active collaboration with the CityScape Event and Salama Structural Engineers is once again a participant at CityScape.

    We Hold Pride in Being the Most Distinctive in the World

    Infinity Tower is an amazing project, which prides itself in being the most distinctive project in the world. Here is how Infinity Tower is going to amaze the world:
    Rennovate Rooms

    The tallest office building in Egypt and Africa

    Rennovate Rooms

    Five storey underground parking

    Rennovate Rooms

    The construction strategy of top-down construction

    Rennovate Rooms

    10 High Speed + 4 Podium + 2 Fire elevators

    Rennovate Rooms

    100% Fresh Air in the central air conditioning systems

    Rennovate Rooms

    The highest Class-A office standards for ceiling height

    Rennovate Rooms

    1st LEED certified building in New Administrative Capital

    Rennovate Rooms

    Rent Only Commercial Strategy

    Tower 1

    The Infinity Towers Showcased in CityScape Mega Event

    Located in Cairo, Egypt, Infinity Towers showcases a new twist to architecture as it stands out a mile amid the most creative buildings. This project is the crowning moment of the CityScape Exhibition 2021. Infinity Towers is among the tallest buildings in Africa and Egypt, comprising of five storeys' underground parking for vehicles of residents along with guests.

    The Infinity Tower is 200 meters high, leading to a commercial podium at eighteen meters. Furthermore, a new strategy has been introduced in the construction of Infinity Tower in order to save time me along with money for efficiency.

    The Tower is designed to be one of the best designs in Cairo. Apart from its intricate design, its office space is constructed without any interior columns. It also consists of high speed 16 elevators. The highest number in all of Cairo.

    Its design is not only unique but provides a structural function too. Its shape expertly lowers wind forces on the tower. Not only this, it provides you with stunning views of the surroundings as you go higher up. Infinity Tower distills a complicated design idea into a simple structural building which is quite an eyecatcher.

    Highlights of the
    CityScape Event

    The Infinity Towers Launching Ceremony Was a Smash Hit

    Located in Cairo, Egypt, Infinity Towers showcases a new twist to architecture as it stands out a mile amid the most creative buildings. This project had its crowning moment at the launching ceremony. All big names in the entrepreneurship, realtors, real estate and construction industry from around the world came for this event that took place last June.

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    The features that were celebrated at this event included the following details:

    Family, friends, and industry professionals worldwide joined together at the opening event to celebrate the work that went behind Infinity Tower. It was a mega event with talks introducing business tycoons to the project’s features and a once-in-a-lifetime performance from superstar Nancy Ajram.

    The Developers of Infinity Tower

    Dr. Asaad Salama, the managing director of Infinity tower, belonging to the Salama Structural Engineers, is eager to be involved in the Global Cityscape Dubai Event. The company’s representatives will be present to introduce the state-of-the-art technology and innovative design of the project. This will be an opportunity to present to the world the revolutionary Infinity Tower with its eccentric facilities. Not only is this project perfect, but also affordable and economical, which is why its progressiveness and appraisal is inevitable.
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